Hi! New mom here! I am currently on maternity leave spending time with family and our new baby girl who arrived this February. I will try to have monthly restocks when I can. Thank you so much for your patience 

Who are we? We are a natural, plant-based, cruelty-free bath and skincare small business. Based out of Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Every product is hand made in small batches by our creator Raven Lee. We are here to refresh, renew and revive your skin's natural beauty, and bring life back to your skin. You deserve to glow from the inside out, and we are here to help


Self-Care is the new black!

My skin feels great and the bath bombs are luscious. Love these products, def will re-order.

Annie S.

OMG one use with DRAMATIC results

I had really bad black heads all over my nose. I struggled with finding a product that would help. I have tried those nose strips that pull them out. NO LUCK. I try Amore Lee's Revive Mask and POOF, 80% of the blackheads were gone from my nose pores!! Not to mention, my skin was SO soft too, I felt so refreshed and like their mask says, REVIVED!


Hands down my favourite bath bombs I have ever used. I’ve purchased so many over the years and have fallen completely in love with Amorelee. The muscle relax is one of my favourites. I love using it after a long hard day of work, or a particularly tough week in the gym!

Melissa F.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE SCRUB EVER!!! I am a huge matcha fan and when I started using this I fell in love! 😍 If you are browsing and wondering which product to try first defiantly replenish your skin with this mini powerhouse 💗

Alexa B.

I love using this serum! I’ve made it my main moisturizeing serum in my regimine and it had been nothing but great! It really hydrates the skin and doesn’t leave a gross residue that I find most serums leave. I have sensitive skin as well and usually break out but with Immortelle I have no redness and it is actually keeping my blemishes at bay! So thankful for this.

George S.