Lovely to meet you!


I'm Raven Lee, the sole girl boss behind Amore Lee. I've always been a creator, it all started with art as a child, and I have my grandfather to thank for this. I'm very thankful for inheriting his amazing creativity. Watching him create boats, hovercraft objects, and always watching his mind at work with drawings is what has helped me get to where I am today

Watching my grandfather inspired me to embrace my creative side, even as a child. From creating personal birthday cards for friends and family to finding a passion for graphic design in high school, I've explored art in so many different ways

In school, I had a scrapbook filled with my artwork for a makeup and bath company I wanted to create one day. This company I dreamed of was going to be called Amore Lee, sound familiar? This company was filled with bubble bath, eye shadow colours, eyeliners, and names for so many other products

Finding the scarp book of my creative designs is what sparked the fire inside I was looking for. It was then I knew what I wanted to do

When I created Amore Lee, I had so much support, but I also had doubters. These doubters were telling me things like "you're crazy", "you can't do this", "you won't go far", and "I give you a year max before this business venture fails". Well, here I am, 2 years later, still that BOSS BABE other women can look up to. I love encouraging other women and helping them realize that you can achieve anything you put your heart into. Not only have I built my business up, but I've been blessed to have helped another boss babe see her dreams come true as well! I am a true believer in these words: "you can accomplish anything you put your heart and soul into". The doubters are your MOTIVATORS. Have faith in yourself, and you can have so much in this lifetime

You want to be a blogger, a mother, a pilot, a chef. I BELIEVE IN YOU. Don't be afraid to take that scary step in life to get to the happiness you want and deserve!

If you'd like to get to know me on a more personal level, follow me on Instagram  @thatssoraven92

 xx Raven, of Amore Lee