Matcha Face & Body Scrub
Matcha Face & Body Scrub - Amore Lee

Matcha Face & Body Scrub

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Our Whipped Matcha Body & Facial Scrub helps tonify and DEEPLY moisturize to treat and soften your skin. It gently removes dead skin cells while nourishing the skin

Why Matcha?

1) Diminishes the signs of aging. Let’s face it. This is one of the biggest reasons you take care of your skin. Matcha stimulates elastin production to add volume to the skin. It also protects the skin against free radicals that cause sun damage, age spots, dry skin, and yes, wrinkles.

2) Anti-inflammatory. Matcha powder has many anti-inflammatory properties, especially EGCG, that reduce the redness associated with chronic skin conditions such as rosacea and even acne. It is gentle enough for all skin types and brings soothing relief from these issues. Not only does the skin feel better, but matcha diminishes redness, which lessens any self-consciousness about having a chronic skin condition.

3) Treats oily skin. The tannins in matcha actually shrink pores and reduce the production of oil associated with acne. If you have teenagers who struggle with breakouts and oily skin, matcha is especially beneficial as it removes oil from the skin and slows the production of the oil causing the acne.

4) Improves your complexion. Matcha powder has remarkable properties to keep your complexion fresh and healthy. Not only does it reduce inflammation, it offers a one-two punch for the skin to exfoliate and eliminate dead skin cells, then rejuvenate the underlying skin to improve your complexion.



Japanese Matcha Green Tea

How To Use

Body Scrub: Begin with wet skin in the shower -- warm to hot water is ideal to soften the skin. Allow the shower to run for 5-10 minutes and let the warm water soften the skin and prepare for exfoliation. Pause the running water while you exfoliate. Apply the scrub in a circular motion. Rinse and tap dry with towel.

Facial Scrub: Use warm water to wet your skin. Massage your skin gently with the facial scrub for one minute. Gently rinse the scrub off your face. Dry your skin thoroughly. Moisturize your skin. Use the scrub only once or twice per week.


Coconut Oil, Paraben Free, Pure Vitamin E Oil, Matcha, Himalayan Salt, Sugar, Glycerin, and Sodium Bicarbonate


♥ Sulfate Free
♥ Paraben Free
♥ Preservative Free

Shelf Life

This product is made with vitamin E a natural preservative - please keep water out of the jar as much as possible, and make sure your hands are clean when using to avoid contamination. If used and stored properly, this product has a shelf life of up to 6 months

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