Suit & Tie Men's Bath Bomb - Amore Lee

Suit & Tie Men's Bath Bomb

Amore Lee

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FINALLY, a Bath Bomb suited for MEN. This is our Suit & Tie. Grey, manly, but alluring to draw your significant other in! To the women out there, if you love the scent of this bath bomb, don't be afraid to use this either! 



Cedar-wood, Lemongrass, and Tangerine


How To Use

Fill the tub with warm water. Turn bath water off and drop your bath bomb in the water. Watch it fizz and make a beautiful bath color. Hop in, soak up, and relax with the calming aromas.



Grape Seed Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Coconut Milk Powder, Citric Acid (Non-GMO), Epson Salts, Corn Starch, Pure Vitamin E, Essential Oils, and Mica


♥ Sulfate Free
♥ Paraben Free
♥ Preservative Free